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My imagination has always been a prominent part of who I am.  Growing up, I believed I could be a princess of Agrabah or a mermaid of Atlantica. I would climb trees thinking I was climbing a bean stalk. I grew up putting my faith and trust in pixie dust, and imagining myself in every fairy tale there was.  


Eventually, I began creating my own fanciful fables. However, it was not until high school when I realized I could share my stories through what I could create, and help others build their own narratives. Design became my outlet to do just that. Becoming a designer meant I was able to be imaginative and innovative.


While studying at the University of Florida, I narrowed down my field of interest to those areas of graphic design that provide the strongest platforms for story telling, such as brand system, user experience, and visual identity design. Already, I’ve been able to help clients through a variety of freelance and intern work. For example, by developing a logo and brand system for NEA Insurance Group, I was able to help the company communicate their values and brand equity to their customers.


Outside of my work and studies, I am constantly looking at new sources for inspiration. I like to follow design trends on Behance or Brand New, as well as keeping up with hobbies outside of the design realm. Some of my interests include board game tournaments, Disney movie reruns, international coffee ground collecting, leather-bound sketchbook collecting, macaroon culinary design, outdoor swimming, and tomato plant cultivation.


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