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I was awarded Best Actress for my lead performance in my 7th grade production of The Wizard of Oz. For those familiar with the main character in the story, you know that I played the role of Toto, the dog. 

Not the character you were expecting? For whatever reason, it never seems to be. But think about it for a minute – without Toto, there is no story. Without the seemingly small detail of Toto causing mayhem with the neighbors, there would have been no reason for Dorothy to run away from home, which kicked off the well-known series of events throughout Oz.

Since the end of my single performance acting career, I’ve focused on different art forms of storytelling. Graphic design and art directing became my outlet to create, visualize, and share different narratives. At my core, I am a storyteller, taking great care in the details. While studying at the University of Florida (Go Gators!), I narrowed down my field of interest to the areas of design that provide the strongest platforms for storytelling, such as brand system development, user experience, and visual identity design.

Currently at Stuller, Inc., I conceptualize, art direct, and design deliverables for multiple marketing campaigns for worldwide audiences. As the lead graphic designer on a project, I communicate with our in-house photographers, videographers, and copywriters to produce assets for print and digital campaigns. Although I specialize in print media, I also work closely with the in-house digital media team to create cohesive campaign experiences for our customers.

Reach out to learn more about me, my work, and my time as an award winning actress!


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