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Vinyl Wall Graphics



Stuller, Inc., the worldwide industry-leading fine jewelry manufacturer and supplier, established a Mission. Vision. Purpose. (MVP) with both the customers and employees at top of mind. From the company’s MVP came the Stuller S.E.R.V.E. initiative, a collection of five key focus areas that position the organization to best serve Stuller’s customers. To showcase this initiative, Stuller’s president wanted to update the three alcoves within the company campus with S.E.R.V.E. branded visuals. 

Stuller’s campus has many entry points for over 2,000 employees, but the first area to be refreshed is the entrance used by new hire and customer entrance. For many first-time visitors visiting the building — whether it’s a first day of work, a workshop, or an event — this entrance is their first impression of Stuller. This wall graphic is meant to welcome anyone into our building and provides a great backdrop for a photo-op if need be. The colors follow the Stuller S.E.R.V.E. branded gradient but is split up by diamond-inspired facets.


Welcome Wall 1.png
Welcome Wall 2.png

The primary alcove in the building sits right beside from this new hire and customer entrance, and across from the Welcome Wall. This is a place where employees can eat lunch, have meeting, or take their break. The alcove graphics mirror the vibrant and welcoming color palette and facet design but shows different messaging. Across the two walls of the alcove there is a quote for Stuller’s CEO and Founder, Matt Stuller, the five pillars of S.E.R.V.E, and the company MVP. The first alcove has completed installation and is shown below. The second and third alcove are currently in the renovation process and will mirror the same visuals and messaging as Alcove 1.


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Alcove 2.png
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