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Platinum 2023




12 Page Brochure Insert



Stuller, Inc., the worldwide industry-leading fine jewelry manufacturer and supplier, promotes platinum as a premium precious metal. Stuller partners with Platinum Guild International (PGI) to showcase the benefits of this premium quality metal. I designed a 12 page 5.5x8 inch brochure insert to be mailed out with the 2023 Summer issue of the JCK magazine and as a flipbook insert as part of JCK's online magazine.

JCK is considered to be the industry authority when it comes to in-depth content on cutting-edge technology, retail practices, and consumer-led style trends that shape the jewelry industry. Leading up to JCK Las Vegas, the largest and most renowned jewelry trade event in the world, JCK puts out a magazine that showcases the latest and greatest. My role was to compile recent pick-up imagery from Stuller's Digital Asset Library of platinum product Stuller has in-stock. When shown together, the imagery needed to look like a cohesive campaign. Then, I worked closely with a copywriter to ensure the images and copy created a cohesive story, and with the Business Units within Stuller to compile the product information needed. In the flipbook shown below, all pricing was replaced with $000 for privacy and legal purposes.

To view Why Platinum? on pages 63 to 74 in the online JCK magazine, visit


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